Welcome to Limit Of Shunt!

My interests lie in railway signalling and route history, and I’ve tried to bring some of the things that I’ve found out to this site to share with others who have similar interests. I’m mainly interested in routes in the North East of England, so there is a geographical bias to the website!

On this website you’ll find information about the signalling and route history of some railway lines. You’ll also find some of the historical documents that provide information about these routes, such as sectional appendices, signalling notices and operating notices. I’ve also put together a reference list of railway document numbers from the documents that I’ve come across so far.

Please feel free to browse the site; this site is constantly evolving so don’t be surprised if things move, are broken or change between visits! If there’s anything you’d like to ask, please feel free. Hope you enjoy your visit!


Thanks for bearing with me while I’ve migrated the site.  Download links should now work again and in the coming weeks I’ll be refining the current content and starting to add more. Please feel free to get in touch with any thoughts, comments or criticism.