The area covered by the Northumberland District covers around thirty separate lines between the Borders and the River Tyne.  The vast majority of lines in this area grew up to serve collieries and rail traffic; passenger services developed over these during the lines’ lives.

In more rural areas, rail was a vital link between communities providing a route for goods and supplies to reach villages and towns.  Many of these routes were lost in time but the evidence of what used to exist can still be seen in some places.

Blyth and Tyne Network

The Blyth and Tyne network is an extensive network of lines providing both passenger and freight services in and around South East Northumberland and North Tyneside.  As the name suggests, it linked the areas around Blyth to the Tyne – initially collieries and coal traffic and then, over time, passenger traffic.

The Blyth and Tyne network is made up of a number of larger lines with several smaller branches.  The network covers a large area.

North Tyneside Area

Newcastle Area

Blyth Area

Cambois Area

Ashington Area

Morpeth Area

Ponteland Area

  • Ponteland Branch
  • Darras Hall Branch

Other Routes

  • Alnwick Branch
  • Cornhill Branch