Sectional Appendices

Sectional Appendices were published every few years by railway companies and provided a reference to the lines they operated, as well as their operating instructions. Often the area covered by a specific company was split into several regions, each with its own sectional appendix. For the railway researcher, they provide a contemporaneous view of the network including the routes, signal boxes, etc that formed them. They should be read in conjunction with the Periodical Operating Notices and Supplementary Operating Instructions that amend and update them. Please note that some of these files are large due to the number of pages.

North Eastern Railway

London and North Eastern Railway

British Railways North East Operating Area

British Railways North Eastern Region

British Railways Eastern Region

British Rail Former Eastern Region

Railtrack London North Eastern Zone (2000)

Network Rail London North Eastern Route

2003-04 Appendix

2006 Appendix

British Railways London Midland Region

British Railways Southern Region

Network Rail – Other Regions

London North Western Route – North

London North Western Route – South

North Western

Scotland Route

Western Route

Kent, Sussex and Wessex Route