Signalling Alteration Notices

Signalling Alteration Notices were provided for some signalling schemes, especially those that affected a large area or involved major changes in the signalling of a route.  They usually took the form of a document detailing the changes, attached to a plan of the area involved – some of these were very extensive! Signalling notices are invaluable in the research of route signalling as they give a baseline at a known date, and often include information about fringe area signalling.  Notices were numbered using a variety of schemes, and these numbers are listed in the following pages alongside the date and title of the signalling plan.

British Railways North Eastern Region

1964 Manors to Heaton South and to South Gosforth

British Railways Eastern Region

1967 48A Pelaw and Harton Resignalling

1971 21 Durham Relly Mill and Hett Mill

1971 27 Ripple Lane

1977 87 King’s Cross Station

1977 89 Heaton including Carriage Sidings

1987 149 Newcastle

1989 150 York Area

1991 154 Tyneside Area

British Railways London Midland Region

1973 2G Carlisle Signal Box