Marcheys House

North Eastern N2
McKenzie & Holland 16 (reconditioned) 1960; 15 levers (reduced)

Marcheys House Signal Box controls the line between North Seaton and Bedlington North Signal Box, as well as the branch to Winning Signal Box, and protects a level crossing. This is frequently used by Alcan alumina traffic to gain access between Alcan at Lynemouth and the ship unloading facility at North Blyth.

With the closure of Ashington Signal Box, the indicators for Green Lane AHB level crossing now show here.  Telephone block is used between the edge of Marcheys House absolute block and Lynemouth; the STOP boards for this are just north of Hirst Lane Gate Box.


Marcheys House Signal Box
Marcheys House Signal Box
Marcheys House Signal Box
Marcheys House Signal Box

Lever Frame Details

Lever Function Description
1 Stop Up Main to Up Branch Home 7
2 Stop (Electric Release) Up Main Home
3 - 6 Spare
7 Points with FPL Up Main | Up Branch
8 Points with FPL Dn Main | Dn Branch 7
9 Release Release to Ground Frame
10 Stop (Electric Release) Dn Branch Home 7.8
11 Spare
12 Distant Dn Main Distant 13
13 Stop (Electric Release) Dn Main Home
14 Spare
15 Release Release to Barriers