These are some of the source I’ve used to learn more about railway routes and signalling. They might be helpful pointers for anyone else researching the area. I will add to this list over time as I come across more. If there are any sources you would like to recommend, please let me know.

Books and Publications

  • Signalling Atlas and Signal Box Directory (Third Edition), Peter Kay and David Allen, Signalling Record Society 2010


  • Signalling Record Society – the SRS publish the Signalling Record, and maintain an extensive archive of signalling information. Many signalling diagrams are available to order, and back issues of their journal include articles on many areas of the country.
  • Phil Deaves’ Railway Codes – this website is a mine of information about the codes applied to railway routes, both current and historic. It includes a comprehensive database of Engineers’ Line References and start and end points of the lines.
  • John Tilly’s contains a comprehensive collection of photographs of signal boxes, signal box diagrams and frames.