WG (formerly W)
North Eastern N2
McKenzie & Holland 16 (reconditioned) 1963; 15 levers

Winning Signal Box protects a boom gate level crossing and junction, and controls traffic to and from Cambois, Ashington and Bedlington. Nowadays this is mainly composed of Alcan traffic, with occasional coal traffic to Battleship Wharf, but previously it also included trains serving Blyth Power Station.

August 2011

The original wooden boom gates have been removed and replaced by full barriers with road lights, as well as a pedestrian light facing the path that runs south into the industrial estate.

Winning Signal Box
Winning Signal Box
Winning Signal Box
Winning Signal Box
Winning Signal Box

Lever Frame Details

Lever Function Description
1 Distant Distant Up Cambois 2. Or to Down Branch 3.
2 Stop Up Cambois Home
3 Stop Up Cambois to Down Branch Home 5. 4.
4 FPL F.P. lock to 5 Points
5 Points Up Cambois to Down Branch
6 - 8 Spare
9 Stop Down Main Home
10 Stop (Electric Release) Down Cambois Starting
11 Points Down Main to Up Branch
12 Stop Up Branch Home 11.
13 - 14 Spare
15 Release Release to Boom Gates