Bedlington South

Not Known
North Eastern N1
McKenzie & Holland 16 (reconditioned) 1940; 30 levers (reduced)

Bedlington South Signal Box is located north of Bedlington Viaduct, and controls the line to Bedlington North Signal Box. Though relatively short, it is a complex piece of track, with Furnaceway sidings, a level crossing and the former Bedlington Station within its area. The station complex also used to have a colliery junction. Bedlington Station was notable for having only one through platform, meaning that down trains had to cross onto the up line to stop at its platform. Currently working to Newsham South and Bedlington North Signal Boxes, it previously worked to Bebside Signal Box before it was closed.


Bedlington South Signal Box
Bedlington South Signal Box
Bedlington South Signal Box

Lever Frame Details

Lever Function Description
12 Release Barrier Release Lever
13 - 14 Spare
15 Stop Shunting Dn. Main
16 Stop Up Main Home 20.
17 Stop (Electric Release) Up Main Starting
18 Stop Up to Dn. Main 21. 20. 19.
19 Stop Shunting Dn. Main NIL or to Sidings 23.
20 FPL F.P. Lock No 21. Points
21 Points Mains | X’ Over
22 Spare
23 Points Down Main | Sidings
24 Stop Shunting Siding to Dn. Main 23.
25 - 28 Spare
29 Stop Shunting Down to Up Main 30.
30 Points Mains X’ Over (No. 30 Pts Clamped, Scotched and Padlocked in “N” Position)
31 Stop Shunting Up to Dn. Main 30.
32 - 39 Spare
40 Stop (Electric Release) Down Main Starting 20.
41 Stop Down Main Home 20.