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BR (NER) 16b
Individual Function Switches

Freemans Signal Box controls a level crossing and the Cambois / North Blyth single line. In prior years it also controlled the reception and departure lines for Blyth Power Station, West Blyth Staithes and Cambois MPD. It was the only signal box on the Blyth and Tyne system to be completely electrically controlled.

In the 2010s the majority of Freemans’ colour-light signals were replaced with STOP boards, numbered as stop signals.  There remains an entry / exit control signal working to Winning Signal Box, but the remaining signals are now fixed.  A derailer is installed on the branch to Alcan’s Ship Unloading Facility which requires an Annett’s key – this allows a train to access the Port of Blyth Battleship Wharf facility at the same time as one is at Alcan’s terminal.


Freemans Signal Box
Freemans Signal Box
Freemans Signal Box
Freemans Signal Box
Freemans Signal Box

Lever Frame Details

Lever Function Description
1450 Points Up Cambois | Dn Cambois
1451 Points Dn Cambois | West Arr
1452 Points Up Cambois | West Dep
1453 Points Up & Dn Cambois | East Arr
1454 Points West Arr | East Dep
1460 Points Up & Dn Nth Blyth | Dep Line
1461 Points Nth Side Staithes | Up & Dn Nth Blyth
1462 Points Up & Dn Nth Blyth | MPD
805 Stop Dn Cambois Distant 807R
807 Stop Dn Cambois to 811 Signal 1450R or to B1 Signal 1450R 1453R or B31 Signal 1450R 1451R
811 Stop Dn Cambois Single Line to Dn Nth Blyth 1461R or to MPD 1461R 1462R or Recep Line
5450 Stop Up Cambois to 811 Signal or East Arr 1453R or East Dep 1450R 1454R or West Arr 1450R or West Dep 1450R 1452R
802 Stop Up Cambois Starting
804 Stop West Dep to 802 Signal 1450R 1452R
806 Stop East Dep to 802 Signal 1450R 1454R
808 Stop Up Cambois Single Line to 802 Signal
812 Stop Dep Line to 808 Signal 1460R
816 Stop Up Nth Blyth to 808 Signal 1461R
5462 Stop MPD to 808 Signal 1461R 1462R