Weekly Operating Notices

Weekly Operating Notices were issued (usually) weekly as a means of updating railway staff with the latest information regarding speed limits, signalling alterations and changes to operating procedures and other working documents.  They consisted of four sections (naming occasionally differs, but generally as follows):

  • Section A: Temporary Speed Restrictions
  • Section B: Temporary Engineering Works
  • Section C: Signalling and Permanent Way Alterations
  • Section D: General Instructions and Notices

These can provide a wealth of information for researching signalling history, as they often include descriptions of signalling changes (and sometimes diagrams of larger schemes.)

British Railways North Eastern Region

British Railways Eastern Region

North Eastern Area – North (NE/N)

North Eastern Area – South (NE/S)

Northern Area – North (NN)

Northern Area – South (NS)

Instructions Applicable to London Midland Region (LM)

Instructions Applicable to Southern Region, London Transport, London Midland and Western Regions

Southern Area