Fawcett Street Junction to Hendon Junction

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Bridge List
Fawcett Street Junction
Hendon Junction
Zero Point
NER Abbreviation
F st & H
NER Line Name
Fawcett Street Jn to Hendon Jn
NER Line Number

Line Diagram

Mileage   No.   Details
000ch 1
Stockton Road
007ch 2
Park Lane
016ch 3
Burdon Road
018ch 4
Stockton Hartlepool And Newcastle Line
020ch 5
Mowbray Park Footbridge
026ch 6
Toward Road
040ch 7
Tatham Street
055ch 8
Hendon Road
075ch 9
Hendon Terrace

Sources used:

  • North East Lines and Stations, S. Bragg, NERA. Line Reference: Im. Diagram(s): D29.